Residential Metal Roofing

Today’s residential metal roofing products give homeowners many available options to obtain the look, durability, energy savings and insurance premium advantages they offer.  Residential metal roofing is available in many different colors, textures and materials to suit the specific needs of the customer including metal tile, stone coated steel, vertical panel, standing seam, metal slate and metal shake.  Additionally, residential metal roofing products can add value to a home and save a tremendous amount of money on energy costs and homeowners insurance premiums. 

Among the most popular metal roofing materials available today is metal tile roofing, also known as stone coated steel.  Metal tile roofing is typically fashioned to look very similar to ceramic tile or other forms of tile roofing.  Metal tile is much more durable than other forms of tile roofing, meaning that it holds up very well to the elements of the weather and can save huge amounts of cash on insurance premiums.  And because metal tile employs advanced reflective technology that actually reflects heat away from the home it is installed on, homeowners will see huge savings in energy costs.

Vertical panel metal roofing, including standing seam metal roofing, is another metal roofing material that is very popular today.  Standing seam roofing materials are available in a variety of colors and finishes and is among the easiest metal roofing material to install.  Vertical panel roofing systems consist of interlocking metal panels that attach to one another resulting in unprecedented durability and solar reflective.  Vertical panel metal roofs are energy efficient and may result in a big reduction in insurance premiums for the homeowner.

The best way to find out about the advantages that a new metal roof will bring to your home and your bank account is to find an experienced metal roofing contractor in your area for an installation consultation.

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